Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Vinyl Anachronist column up at Perfect Sound Forever

It's time for another Vinyl Anachronist column over at Perfect Sound Forever, and on this one I bravely tackled the controversial subject of premium power cords and powerline conditioning. I tried to offer a no-nonsense approach to the article and aimed it at people who are fairly skeptical about the benefits of these products and need an introduction. It is NOT an overall survey of powerline conditioning. Therefore, I will not host any heated discussions on this blog concerning these products; there are plenty of contentious threads on audio discussion forums that you can explore.

As a companion piece of sorts, I will be offering a mini-review on The Sound Application SA-X6 right here on the blog later today--let me finish my coffee and I'll get started.

The PSF article is available here. Enjoy!

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