Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mystery audio at Lone Star Audio Fest 2011

Here's something you won't see at CES...a completely unattended room. What's even more mysterious was that there was no signage on the room, so I had no info about the products. Amps were strewn all over the floor; some were taken apart and looked as if they were in the midst of being repaired.

The room seemed to center around these DIY speakers that sported a huge single driver inside unfinished plywood enclosures. A lone computer monitor played FLAC files from a menu labeled "Very Audiophile Music."

I stole a few York Peppermint patties from the dish on the table (because they were, after all, York Peppermint patties) and I listened and was actually impressed with the sound. These DIY speakers threw up a big soundstage, and imaging was excellent. I went back later to get some information, and the room was still empty!

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