Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Vinyl Anachronist column up at Perfect Sound Forever

My latest column at Perfect Sound Forever is up at http://www.furious.com/perfect/vinyl80.html. Against my better judgment, I have once again taken on the Technics 1200 in a piece called "Of Lipstick and Pigs."

Let the chips fall where they may! The next piece I have planned may be even more incendiary; I'm in one of those moods...


  1. Well written article, and I can definitely see your perspective on the tweakers and the leave it bees, but as a tweaker, to me that's really part of the fun for me. Start with something that sounds great, and make adjustments, mod this and that, and see how sound is improved or whether the mod was junk. I prefer to think of modding my p5 as modding an already nice BMW M3, nice already, but just adding some more fun. Definitely unnecessary fun, but fun nonetheless :)

  2. With greatest respect, those who want both a Cayman S and a Rega P9 should not have either. Porsche products should not be insulted so blatantly, I would think.
    Trust me, M3 is perfect enough as it comes, especially if as a saloon. Far better dynamics than the coupe

    "Adding fun" is, sadly, an almost guaranteed degradation of good balance and perfect polyphony of virtues. Applies equally on quality audio hardware and high-end performance cars. But, hey, who was ever remembered for having respected .balance instead of being a nutter?

  3. Modded or not, the 1200 is still a pos.

  4. Amazing how "tweakers" always seem to think they know more or better how something should be over the original company maker, or designer. Some dolt making up nonsense versus some real engineering design, or tests at a real mfg facility. Audio tweaks are usually all garbage, ripoffs, and meant for teh cluless. It keeps the shams in business. WAKE UP.

  5. @ Anonymous #4
    Like any group of people you can generalize all you want. But I never claim that all "tweaks" would all result in better sound and the sound and feel of a system is in itself all very subjective. I love swapping out caps in attempt to match up with my speakers and hearing the differences. A/B tests are really fun and to me is part of the hobby.

    @ Anonymous 2
    I mean what is a "good balance" and the real engineering design? Does that mean I should be using a Rega Preamp along with Rega Speakers and leaving my stock elys2 cartidge be? With that said, there are many levels of tweaking, some may take things to extremes. Leaving something as it is because it already sounds good is something I can see, but just leaving something be due to a belief in "polyphony of virtues" sounds like the same kind hooey.

    just my opinion. :)