Thursday, May 19, 2011

Brines Acoustics at Lone Star Audio Fest 2011

These neat little single-driver speakers are from Bob Brines of Brines Acoustics. Bob uses a variety of full-range drivers from Fostex, Lowther, Tang Band and Mark Audio to create a full line of speakers sound at affordable prices. The entry level transmission line T7-A7s, with their tiny Alpair 7 drivers, run for just $695 a pair. The more ambitious floorstanding LT2000s, complete with Lowther DX3s, runs for $2495. The speakers pictured here are the TB-20s, a bass reflex design with uses the Tang Band W8-1772 driver, cost a mere $1095 a pair (a floorstanding version is $1995). The sound was smooth and full and performed well with a number of classical music selections. The cabinets were a little beat up (this must have been his show pair), but the overall cosmetics were very attractive.

You can see more at Bob's website at

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  1. It never ceases to amaze me what Bob Brines does. He brings a type of loudspeaker normally reserved for the upper class, in at a middle class price.

    If you want full range drivers, without missing a few mortgage payments, you need to pay attention to Bob.