Thursday, July 7, 2011

Brand new Rega P3...the RP3!

The vinyl-loving world is buzzing with the news that Rega is introducing a replacement for the P3-24 turntable--the very one I own--the new RP3. The new RP3 boasts a new "double brace" technology for the plinth that combines a new superlight structure with phenolic resin, controlling vibrations and resonances even further.

A new P3 usually means a new tonearm, and Rega is also introducing the new RB-303 along with the RP3. The new tonearm features a new tube that is more rigid and adds more stability to the headshell, bearing housing and arm carrier.

For now the new RP3 is available in titanium, white and black. Here's to hoping they add the crazy plinth colors at a later date!


  1. +1 on the plinth colors! big question is what is the price (in the US)...

  2. It's not in black. The third color is "Cool Gray"

    I expect to receive mine next week.