Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Woodsong Audio custom plinths

I just stumbled onto this website for Woodsong Audio, a company that uses beautiful, exotoc woods to make custom plinths for Garrard 301s, 401, Linn LP-12s, Thorens TD-124s and Technics SP-10s. Run by master carpenter Chris Harban, Woodsong creates some of the most beautiful plinths I have ever seen.

Chris is also an audiophile and can perform complete restorations on many of these classic turntables. In addition he can also make equipment racks to your specifications, and even speaker cabinets.

Here is a particularly striking LP-12 with a plinth made of movingui, a rare African wood. Repotedly movingui is one of the very best woods for overall sound quality, imparting a warm yet very lively timbre to music.

If you'd like to see more of Chris' creations, check out the Woodsong website at www.woodsongaudio.com.

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  1. It turns me on when you post about turntables...