Monday, November 8, 2010

Chuck Ramirez, RIP

Chuck Ramirez, a prominent San Antonio artist and all-around great guy, died early Saturday morning after a bicycle accident. I met Chuck several times over the last year, as he was a close friend of Margaret's. I got to spend some time talking to him during my Port Aransas vacation last month; he was the one who helped organize that amazing shrimp boil that I blogged about right here.

Chuck was always one of those bigger-than-life figures who told outrageous, funny stories about his adventures. He also had a big, booming voice that sounded almost exactly like Thomas Haden Church. At Port Aransas, I was tempted to ask him to say the line, "Don't go to the dark side, Miles," but I chickened out.

On the night before we left PA, Chuck hung out with us while we smoked cigars on the back deck of a seaside condo. After he finished one of his stories, he turned to us and said, "You know, I'm getting pretty old now...I'm 48!" I thought, dude, I'm 48 too. And I feel anything but old these days. Needless to say, Chuck's gone at too young of an age.

For more about Chuck and his untimely passing, here's a news article:

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