Monday, November 29, 2010

More pics of the Margules Group Mexico's Torna turntable...

I just found these pics of that gorgeous Torna turntable from Margules Group Mexico. The first group of pics I shared were merely digital renderings...these seem to be physical models and/or prototypes. Enjoy!


  1. Looks like its time to contact him about building me a pink one!!!

  2. Well THIS girl likes pink. This "Coolest Audiophile chick on the planet" thinks that Audio products should please women. Not be limited to the 50+ males. And the idea of WAF (wife acceptance factor for those of you not in the "know") based on speakers in the middle of the room or how it fits in the decor is a limited thinking pattern. How things sound is paramount. I do not believe in bad fit and finish but it shouldnt have to fit into Laura Ashley printed walls and matching couches to be "Accepted". Its time that women learn to enjoy music and the reproduction of it, as much as the typical audiophile does. That means no more talking the wife into a cool new turntable, it means consulting and listening WITH her to find out what you both like. Some day there will be a or a power COUPLE who are partners in music and the love of the equipment that brings love to their lives. Until then I will remain a cable girl.