Thursday, November 11, 2010

Old Vinyl Anachronist columns at PSF...

I've had a couple of emails over the last few weeks concerning all of my Vinyl Anachronist columns on Perfect Sound Forever. The first was rather terse and confrontational and criticized me personally for not including a link to all of the other columns at the bottom of each page. I tried to explain that a) Perfect Sound Forever is not my website and all comments should be directed accordingly and b) there is a link on the home page of PSF that allows you access to all of my columns from 1998 to the present. I tried to be as gracious as possible. Honestly, I tried.

The second email was much more courteous but still troubling. "Whatever happened to that e-zine you used to write for? Why don't you write for them anymore?" I had to reply that I did still write for Perfect Sound Forever, and that my 77th column for them appeared just 18 days before I received this particular email.

So I thought it was time to once again plug my association with Perfect Sound Forever and its editor, Jason Gross. As long as Jason wants me to write for him, I will write for him. Jason was the very first person who ever published anything I ever wrote (way back in 1998!), so I'll be forever loyal. My 12th annual year-end review and awards article will appear on December 1. Since the February 1 issue is one of those special editions that is edited completely by noted music critic and scholar Robert Christgau, I will not have a column. I will resume with the 79th column in the April 1 issue.

Until then, here's a link to all of my PSF articles: If you do choose to re-read them, please take note of the date they were written (which appears at the beginning of each article). I do get the occasional email from someone who wants to correct me on some detail that was correct AT THE TIME IT WAS WRITTEN. Other than that, I still stand behind most of what I've written over the last 13 years!

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