Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dan Muzquiz weighs in on colored turntables...

As I've been blogging about colored turntables today, Dan Muzquiz was coincidentally putting a new section on his website for Rega turntable accessories. As someone who owns a lime green Rega P3-24, I can attest to Rega's commitment to fun, colored turntables. For instance, you can add a little color to your ordinary dark grey Rega by adding one of these colored mats. (I think the purple would be perfect for mine for a freaky day-glo look!)

Of course you can do what I did and go a little funky with the 'table itself...

And don't forget cartridges!

All of this traces back to the classic story of why Roy Gandy started selling his Rega turntables in crazy colors. All Rega dealers are required by Roy to unpack every turntable that's shipped to ensure everything is intact and in working order. Well, supposedly some dealers weren't complying, so Roy decided to ship some lime green P3s to see who was paying attention. The colors were so well-received, Roy started selling them!

Thanks to Dan for reminding me of this. If you want to view all of the accessories you can to your Rega, Funk Firm or any other ultra-hip turntable, just check it out at http://www.blackbirdaudio.com/Blackbird_Audio_Gallery/Rega/Pages/Rega_and_Funk_for_Rega.html.


  1. KILLER - SO cool, the coloring, and that is what this is supposed to be all about - right?? HAVING FUN!!!! I'm thinkin about gettin one, and believe me, I don't need it!

  2. Mrs Mercer needs to chime in right about now!!!