Saturday, November 6, 2010

New turntables at Echo Audio in Portland

I've noticed that Kurt Doslu of Echo Audio has gotten in a lot of interesting turntables over the last week or so, with each one deserving your consideration. First up is the legendary Linn Sondek LP-12. This one has the Valhalla power supply (a level One mod), a Rega RB-300 tonearm, an Ortofon OM-30 cartridge and a Ringmat mat for only $995. This is a great way to get into Linn for a reasonable price. I would keep the arm and then consider a better cartridge down the road, since the Ortofon is more suitable for a 'table like a Rega RP1 or P2 than a Linn. Also, I'm not entirely sure about the Ringmat since the stock felt mats for Linns and Regas usually sound the best.
The next up is an original Roksan Xerxes with the outboard power supply and a classic Zeta tonearm. I remember when Gene Rubin sold these back in the early '90s, and a lot of people would trade their Linns in on this great-sounding TT. Back then they were about $2200 new without arm or cartridge (Kurt says the retail for this particular table and arm was $3250), and this one can be yours for just $825.
If you're looking to spend a little less cash you might consider one of the following vinrtage 'tables. This classic Ariston RDIIs comes with a Sumiko FT3 tonearm and a new Grado Black cartridge (Kurt is a Grado dealer.) Ariston is noteworthy because many in the British audio world feel that Linn stole the design of the Ariston for their LP12s. I know someone who found an Ariston RD-12 at a garage sale for $15, and with a little TLC he transformed it into a first-class analog rig. Kurt is selling this one for just $395.

 Finally, Kurt has this Dual CS-5000 for sale for just $345. Many Dual aficionados consider this the best Dual of all time. I think it's certainly their most modern design. The interesting thing about this Dual is that it runs at 33, 45 and 78 rpm, so it would make an ideal TT for someone who still listens to 78s (and there are quite a few of you out there).

If you're curious about these TTs or any other vintage items, just check out the Echo Audio website at Kurt ships worldwide, and all of his components have been inspected and auditioned.

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