Saturday, November 13, 2010

Naim NAIT's time to vote!

These are both Naim NAIT 2s. The top one is the older cosmetics. The bottom one is the newer cosmetics and is the style I personally owned. I believe the switch was made around 1991.

I had a couple of guys state on my Facebook page that they prefer the older cosmetics. I like the newer version by far. But let's put it to a vote! Just vote OLD or NEW in the comments section of this article. I'll keep a running tally.


  1. New! I owned one and miss it dearly. Heed may get me on nostalgia for this little guy alone.

  2. the new cosmetics has a more vintage style to it. older looks like it came from the 80s and who wants that?

  3. Hey:

    Nice Blog Marc. In the early 90's I had a chance
    to buy a silver front Nait 1 for $150 @
    local dealer here in St Louis. I hesitated
    because I had just forked out $225 for a Nad
    integrated. Couldn't get out of my head how
    good the Nait sounded with some little Mirage Speakers they'd demo'd it with. Went back a
    few days later and it was gone.

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