Wednesday, November 17, 2010

LFD and Harbeth now at Whetstone Audio!

Speaking of LFD, Brian DiFrank of Whetstone Audio here in Austin is now an LFD and Harbeth dealer. I can still remember walking into his store for the first time and saying, "Boy, if you had Harbeth and LFD in here, you'd really be cool." I guess he listened!

Just kidding of course. Here's Brian's blog entry on the new additions:

"After many years coveting these two lines, I am now a dealer! LFD electronics and Harbeth Loudspeakers are now on the floor! I have the new LFD LE IV integrated amp and Harbeth P3ESR which is based on the famous BBC LS3/5A. The Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 should be here next week. I also have the 40.1 on the floor (kindly on loan / consignment). I will be rounding out the lines over the next few months.

I’ve been getting lots of calls. If you have a local Harbeth dealer, please deal with them. I WILL NOT SELL TO YOU IF YOU HAVE A LOCAL DEALER. I DO NOT DISCOUNT!

Whetstone Audio is the only Texas dealer authorized to sell Harbeth and LFD."

Above you can see the pic of the brand spanking new LFD LE IV integrated, which looks like the $6000 NCSE and costs roughly half as much. Below you'll see a pic of the Harbeth 40.1 monitors, which are probably my favorite speakers of all time (even though I fall a little bit more in love with my Trenner & Friedl ART monitors every day and can't wait to hear their amazing $25,000 RA Box).

Brian just sent me an email asking me to come on down and listen to all the cool new gear he has on display. I'm headed out to my old stomping grounds in Portland over the next few days, but I'll visit as soon as I get back. I can't wait to hear the new LFD!

For more info on Whetstone Audio and Brian's new product lines, check out

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