Monday, November 15, 2010

Dean Peer's Airborne --on vinyl!

On his website (, bassist extraordinaire Deen Peer just announced that he will be releasing his latest album, Airborne, on limited edition vinyl. Here's Dean's press release:

"We have had an overwhelming number of requests from our audiophile fans for a special run of a 180 gram vinyl version of AIRBORNE. This a limited special run of AIRBORNE to satisfy our most critical listeners. It was specially mastered by David Glasser, the grammy award winning engineer from Airshow mastering in Boulder, Colorado."

Like Dean says, it's a very limited run and they're taking orders right now. The albums will ship on January 3, 2011. If you've already heard this amazing album, you know it will really put your system through its paces. On vinyl, I'm sure it will be even more spectacular.

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